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Welcome to STEAM Machine online

At STEAM Machine Education Services, we are different because we teach in classrooms everyday. We understand the real challenges educators face. We will provide professional development relevant to teachers and tailored to meet the needs of our different partners. 

We have developed a library of courses encompassing the collective subjects known as STEAM. Fundamentally, STEAM has brought about changes in the way we teach, learn, work and live, our courses will prepare teachers and the new generation of students for those changes.  

To find out more about our current face-to-face and online courses for educators, follow the links at the top of the Home Page to navigate our subpages.

Note: For educators in our member districts (Dutchess, Orange, Schenectady, Ulster and Westchester Counties NY), we offer discount prices on our courses. We recommend that you contact us  to arrange for a consultation so that we may custom tailor an experience to meet your needs.

Our Approach to Professional Development

We are teachers

Working in a classroom everyday is no small undertaking. Advances in research and methodologies continue to challenge us as educators. Having a clear understanding of the classroom teacher and the dynamic work involved helps us set the stage for instructional excellence.

We set clear goals for what teachers are expected to accomplish

Motivation strongly impacts the time and effort people will commit to learning—and motivation is higher when they know the usefulness of what they are learning (Bransford et al, 2000). While this is true for learners of all ages, it is especially vital for adult learners.

We build a learning community

For learners of any age, the kind and quality of learning that is possible is strongly affected by the context in which the learning takes place (Bransford et al, 2000).

Transformative learning is far more likely to happen when participants feel safe, comfortable, and supported within a positive learning community.

We know teachers learn by doing and reflecting

Learning is about far more than just memorizing facts—it is an active process filled with concepts and practices. Just doing the work is not enough. Teachers also need time to process what they experience as a learner and “transfer” it into their own culture and classrooms. 

Explore our insights


This strategy for selecting and teaching word problems guides students to develop their understanding of math concepts.


How math choice boards can enable new elementary teachers to meet the needs of their individual learners while employing mathematical rigor.


Teachers can use artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT to generate rich math tasks, develop number sense and differentiate instruction.


Teachers can use learning progressions to give students a framework to build on their science knowledge, fostering curiosity and enthusiasm.


Teachers can use these strategies to help students in develop skills that are crucial to scientific study and exploration.


Introducing elementary students to ideas that apply across disciplines enhances their understanding of the sciences as an interconnected whole.


A few tips for finding and working with partners to collaborate with students in hands-on project-based learning experiences.


In project-based learning (PBL), teacher-created storylines are coherent and engaging narratives that serve as the foundation for organizing and guiding the learning experience. 

Our Team


I have been an educator for over 20 years. My vision as a professional development specialist is to inspire teachers to incorporate 21st-century skills into their STEAM practices. Students learn best by doing rather than being told, and learning is not one-size-fits-all. Students should be actively engaged in their learning. I work with teachers to create authentic learning experiences for their students that incorporate collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. Although I am a teacher, I am a forever student. I am always looking to grow as an educator.


         JOHN SAMMON

I have been an educator for over two decades. My vision as a professional development specialist is to inspire learning through inquiry and exploration. I work with teachers and students to actively engage in the subjects collectively known as STEAM. My intentions are to deepen understanding through authentic learning experiences, where children engage with fundamental questions about the world and how humans have investigated and found answers to those questions.



Tara and John delivered captivating sessions both virtually and in-person.  They were able to engage teachers in meaningful activities which were both challenging and rewarding.  The focus for the sessions was on actionable items that teachers could take back to their classrooms to immediately begin to address some philosophical shifts also presented in the sessions.  Tara and John were also able to tailor the sessions to our school district’s needs, taking into account which programs we use and meeting our teachers where they are.  I look forward to a lasting professional relationship with Steam Machine PD, and judging by the overwhelming positive feedback so are our teachers!”

-Michael Kovall, Assistant Director of Mathematics

Schenectady City School District 

"The adult learning provided by STEAM Machine Education Services focuses not on a specific resource, but rather the art of teaching and learning. Each adult learning experience is focused on transforming the how and what of the educators practice in the classroom. A true systemic change in the "what and how" of teaching that was applicable regardless of the resource. This is what improved outcomes for all students. If this is your goal, this is your team!"

-Jessica Turner, Executive Director for Instructional Support

Ossining Union Free School District 

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